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Whimtastical High School RPG
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Subject:A new student
Time:07:45 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Asom's mad speech was overheard by Paul. He peaked around the corner. "That's the one I want" he muttered to himself, studying Asom carefully.

Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Calculus: He's really good at math, and if he were just willing to study once in a while, and to not attempt his homework all in one day, he just might pass it.
Lite Magic: Known as magic4n00bs among the school's more gifted students
Literature: He takes it because he likes class discussions, and they sometimes recommend new books.
Programing: w00t! h4x0rzing c1455!
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Current Music:Union Maid - Anne Feeney
Time:04:50 pm
Current Mood:Hard working
"There are windows in this school," Asom pointed out to ... no one. After all, he was standing in the broom closet. "And windows are clearly the cause of all evil. They must be destroyed."

He opened the broom closet, stepping out into the nearest classroom.

He whirled his massive brown cloak around him dramatically. "We must destroy all windows to ensure the future safety of all mankind! Now who's with me?"
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Current Music:Tombstone Blues
Time:05:52 am
Current Mood:creative
Age: 14
Grade: 11th
Classes: Calculus, Swordsmanship, Theology, Divination
Despite her youth, Cilaedi is a powerful seer, with the ability to see the future. This causes her to have great interests in advanced mathematics, particularly those forms which allow one to calculate the future. She spends most of her class periods meditating and not doing her work. However, she carries a hint of madness in her, and at times does work to bring forth great chaos.

Age: 14
Grade: No one really knows, since he doesn't go to class
Classes: None
Asom is the son of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, and Set, God of Chaos. Though he is not a god, he is a powerful sorcerer, who is quite mad and sows chaos wherever he can. Teachers give him passing grades for not coming to class, and people other avoid him due to the fact that chaos follows him even when he's not trying. Cilaedi is his childhood friend, and one of the only people capable of bringing some semblance of order to his life.
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Subject:'Ello, 'ello...
Time:03:35 pm
OOC: Well, I was going to wait until we got more members, but I suppose now's a good a time as any to start, huh? We're still open to new members. Um. We're ALWAYS open to new members. :D Tell your friends!!11111

IC: Kimuro the cliché sexy-cat-boy walked down the halls of his new high school. He didn't like the looks of it: there were strange creatures everywhere he looked, and nothing seemed to be organized. Even the name made him uneasy. Whimtastical? What the hell was that supposed to mean? He had dropped his little brother Nim at his classroom, but Kimuro couldn't seem to find his own. He wandered some more and estimated that he had plenty of time before class started. He turned a corner. More strange people cluttered this hallway. He hoped some of them were at least friendly strange people.
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Time:11:01 pm
I don't mean to sound impatient at all, but when are we gonna get this party started? :P
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Time:06:54 pm
Current Mood:artistic
Name: Roxanne
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Grade: 14 (we went up to grade 14 in my school which was for anyone 19+ you could stay until 23 I think)

Description: Roxanne is a girl with an ever changing style but it always revolves around the same thing - dragons. You can usually spot her in the halls from the large, mechanical dragon wings she wears on her back (these also change depending on her current "style"). She tends to wear themed outfits...and if the outfit changes so does her hair and make-up as well as her accessories. With every outfit she usually wears the same variety of gloves. They reach just below her elbows and are strapped to her arm..at the fingers each finger is clipped in place over her own to make dragon "claws" so to speak (you'll see what I mean in the image). The one thing about her appearance that she can't change is her eyes which are a vibrant green colour. Personality wise she's a really nice girl, always willing to help out the younger students and lend a hand to anyone that wants it.

Picture: http://artwanted.com/images/large/7681_48791.jpg (not great, but it shows her gloves & wings. This is the style she'll be in to start off)
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Current Music:Kill the Rock - MSI
Subject:I hate Marco and his mailbox head.
Time:05:51 pm
Hello Frankie and Danny. :) A few issues to discuss.
1. Frank, who are your characters?
2. One of you needs to start a thread eventually... Unless you want me to :\.
3. Tell your friends about this RPG :DDDDDDD.

The end. *bow*
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Current Music:Clash - Rock the Casbah
Subject:Don't Fear Me!
Time:08:10 pm
((Hi. I'm SeSe's friend Danny. I'm joining because I'll probably get yelled at if I don't...))

Nigel the Reaper ((he needs more cowbells))

(( SeSe was a wee bit pissed at me at one point... SSaturn655 (8:12:55 PM): I hope you fall on shards of glass, die of blood loss, and burn slowly in hell.))

Nigel is of the Reaper class. He fell out of a one story window, impaled himself on a shard of glass and died of blood loss.
Now he's come back as a reaper.
It's like a teenage Dead Like Me.
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Current Music:Party Hard - Andrew WK
Subject:The Mod Intros her Characters :P
Time:05:34 pm
Because it's in my rules, I'm going to intro my characters now. :P Everybody pet the good little GM...

Name: Kimuro
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Description: The older of the two catboy brothers. Kimuro is mostly shy and somewhat serious, but he can let go of his faults and live a little sometimes. You just have to push him or make him push himself.

Name: Nim
Age: 10
Grade: 4
Description: The younger of the two catboy brothers. Nim-kun, as his brother calls him, is the epitome of cute and innocent. Well, almost. He's happy and joyful and all, but sometimes he's just downright annoying... Especially when he interrupts the few moments Kimuro gets to finally say things.

Name: SeSe AKA "The Mod"
Age: ...ALMOST 17... :D
Grade: 11
Description: Yours truly. The mod. This is not the character I use when posting OOC (If I'm posting OOC, I'll mostly put my words in ((double parentheses)).). However, SeSe will pop up now and then as a character in order to establish something, clarify, yell at a character (for breaking the rules or whatever), or whatever. The whole point is that she does it in a friendly way. :) Instead of me posting OOC and going "YOU IDIOT GO KILL YOURSELF ANDSKRLAEHRND." or something :). Anyway... SeSe won't start her own threads for herself and will most likely not interfere in actual plot events...unless it is willed so by other members :). LOL Basically she'll just pop up if a derogatory term is uttered or something of the sort. She's also in the chorus and the color guard. Because that's cool. :)
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Whimtastical High School RPG
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 9 entries.