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Whimtastical High School RPG


Whimtastical HS RPG
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Welcome to Whimtastical High School where people of every physical type, emotional type, and upbringing are welcome to enroll and interact with each other.

This RPG is moderated by merirustryfe

1. No offensive language. Cursing is allowed if 1) It fits your character (you decide if it does, so I can't really come down on you for that) and/or 2) it fits the mood of the character. What I DON'T allow is personal attacks, generalizations, stereotypes (unless your character is a jerk and he/she is attacking another character because of this :P). You know what I mean... Basically, if you're an abusive idiot, I will terminate you :).
2. Differentiate your character speech, actions, and thoughts from your own... I don't care how. Everyone has their own style, but just don't jumble it all together. Make sure everyone can understand who is saying what :).
3. Each member can have up to 3 characters. After this, it just gets confusing... But if you realllllyy want another character, and you think you can handle it, just ask me.
4. When you first join (you opt to join the community and I approve you), you must first post an introduction of your character(s). The intro can be anything you want... Just include some kind of Age/Sex differentiation. Personality and physical descriptions aren't necessary, but you can if you want :P.
-The main purpose of this RPG is to have ORIGINAL characters... However, if you want to use an anime/book/movie (etc) character that is already from something (that you did not create), I'll allow it... However, you have to put a twist to the character. For example, for Shaman King fans, Yoh the Catboy. It's Yoh in all his Yoh-ness except now he's part cat. Or Donnie Darko the rockstar. It's Donnie Darko...but he's now a rockstar. Get it? You can't just decide to be "Yoh" or "Donnie". K.
-"High School" is just a general term...it isn't necessarily kids of grade 9-12 (or whatever your high school has/had). It can be younger and older students as well. Plus, this is fantasy, so in our fantasy world, 11 year olds can go to high school :P.
5. Characters can be ANYTHING. That's why it's called Whimtastical HS. It's a fantasy high school full of God-knows-what kind of people/things. Just like the description says, they can be whatever people/animal/half-and-half you want them to be. You can also specify what classes they take (for example, if your character is Johnny the Wizard, he could be in a class that teaches Wizarding.). It's a very freestyle RPG, so you can pretty much be whatever you want....within reason, of course :P.
6. Oh, and furries are allowed, just not porn furries, ok? This is an RPG for mostly young adults, teenagers, and adults who still wish to have some fun with life :P. What I mean is it's CLEAN. NOOO DIRTY STUFF. :) K?
7. Threads will go as follows
-Someone starts something up by making a post to the community.
-Others join in or comment on it by ...commenting on the post. :)
-Thread ensues that way...reply to the comments to advance the action/dialogue further...etc, etc.

Weeellll, I think that's it! I hope everyone has fun. :)